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Some of you have requested the juice recipe that we are using.  I want to thank Dr. Ryan Berlin for sending me this recipe.  You can check out his blog that is listed in my blogroll.Juicing Jars

Beat Personal Training: Raw Food Program

 Step 1:  Order Juicer - I bought the Breville Juice Fountain (149.99) - click here to see Breville Juicers 

Step 2: Go to grocery store and buy the following fruits and vegetables: ½ bunch of Kale, Spinach (small box of baby leaves), 1 Cucumber, 1 Romaine Lettuce, Collard Greens, Green/Yellow/Red Peppers, Celery Stalks (3), Asparagus Stalks (3), lemons (2), Broccoli, Green Pear or Gala Apple (1), Bag of Carrots (1).

This will make approximately 10 (8 oz) jars of juice, which will be one days worth of juice.  You will need to go to Kroger’s and buy two dozen small juicing jars (8oz).  Prepare your juice each night before bed and take it with you to work and store in the refrigerator.
Step 3:  Consumption Times
Breakfast:  Drink 1 jar juice with breakfast upon rising.   
Mid Morning:  1 jar of juice
Lunch: 30 minutes prior to lunch drink 1 jar of juice.  Lunch: salad with fresh vegetables and 4-6oz of lean protein. NO CHEESE.
Mid Afternoon: 1 jar of juice.
Dinner: Salad FIRST then follow up with 4-6 oz of fresh protein (GRILLED fish, chicken or beef.)
(After 2 weeks, switch to drinking only 3 jars daily, removing mid morning portion)
Step 4:  Basic Guidelines
  • Follow the 80/20 Rule when Juicing.  80% of your food intake will be RAW and 20% will be cooked.
  • NEVER eat any processed foods; canned fruits, white grains, flour, canned soups, white sugar.  Anything that comes in a box is OFF limits.
  • You must be consuming adequate amounts of water. Rule: take your body weight divide by 2 = the # of oz. of daily purified water intake minimum. 
  • Fruit is very limited on this protocol due to the large amounts of sugar.
  • Sugar MUST be avoided at all costs.  Sugar will retard you metabolism and cause-decreased production of hormones, which burn fat.  NO SUGAR!  An excellent natural sweetener is Raw Agave or Stevia; you may use this if you have withdrawal symptoms from avoiding sugar (this can be purchased at Whole Foods or Kroger…in the Nature’s Market section.
  • All vegetables must be ORGANIC
  • All meat OR eggs must be ORGANIC, GRASS FED OR FREE RANGE
 Step 5:  Questions or concerns.  Please email: and I will be happy to answer any questions.
Step 6:  Follow this program EXACTLY for 4 weeks and be amazed at the fat loss and improvement in function of your metabolism you won’t be disappointed.  I personally guarantee this program will work for you.
-Dr. Ryan

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